Words and their POWER: Happy/Healthy 2010

It’s a new year – the perfect time for all of us to look at our own lives and make sure we’re living with honesty and conscious clarity. It may sound obvious to some of you but to me, so far, its not been as obvious as I’d like to think. In 2010 I’m going to continue reaching out to those few that are trustworthy and strong enough to hold me accountable, as well as not listen to my justifications, mostly cause Nothing Worthwhile, I don’t think, was ever built Solo. Admitting our secrets is scary but as I said in my previous blog entry Secrets are like Vampires “once they’re exposed to the light, there’s a moment of horror, of recognition, but then poof – they loose their power over you,”

Here’s to 2010 being the year that you said it as you feel it, and live it as you think it!

This blog is not only to share what I love or find interesting and inspiring but also helps me save, “forever”, articles I think I will want to refer back to. Also my hope for this blog is that it makes us think, or rethink something we thought for SURE we knew.

Words and their Power. About 5 years ago I started paying attention to my words and then seeing if my actions mirrored them. It did’nt take me long to realise how much I said and did not do, there began my journey into living as I was saying. This article made my heart sing, Word\’s and their power, Glenn Close\’s Aha! Moment

Glenn Close points out that there are unspeakable words, think about it. What are the words you don’t want to say? are they your dirty secrets? If  you read the article notice if you are smiling when she asks for what she wants in the bike shop, nothing like good clean honesty!

My words are Incest, Sexual abuse, Intimacy, Love. These words had power over me and often I had no idea they did. Like Glenn Close I know that if I really want to help, I will have to say these words fearlessly, out loud! and that’s terrifying but I’m learning that moving into my fear is a good thing. Slowly, one step at a time I will move closer to producing the documentary that speaks out about Incest, sexual abuse, Intimacy and Love! and as I take each step I’m going to keep asking myself if I’m surviving or thriving?


Melbourne CBD

They say “Melbourne is to Sydney what NYC is to LA” and so far I’d say that’s spot on! Had breakfast in a fantastic little cafe called Degraves espresso (23 DegraveSt.), so cool to have decorated cappuccino’s again. Highly recommend their organic muesli, fruit and yogurt, oh and soy milk, NOT a problem unlike my life in Estoril:-) I also got to read a very interesting article on a magazine in Beirut called “the body”. Sex and the city of Beirut As you can imagine Joumana Haddad has received a diverse responce to her project, I think this personal journey into her own body can help so many on so many levels. To me this little excerpt speak volumes…………”People often ask me why I still live in Beirut, why I have lived here through the war and why I have never written about it. I say, Why do you look for the knife? Look for the scars. The scars are this women who is writing this stuff, doing these things. The war has given me a great deal of power. To survive in a city like Beirut, in this world, you have to keep on fighting.” I wonder is that the answer I would get from friends still living in some parts of my own Country, South Africa?

Degrave Street Espresso

Across the street is TOFWD *the organic food and wine deli. Another little gem to check out if you ever find yourself in the hood. http://www.tofwd.com.au. Interesting and unusual home made fare as well as chips and snacks.

TOFWD*the organic food and wine deli

Secrets are like Vampires

“Secrets are like vampires. A wise friend of mine once said this. They suck the life out of you, but they can only survive in the darkness. Once they’re exposed to the light, there’s a moment of horror, of recognition, but then poof—they lose their power over you.”

A while back I read “the glass castle”, Jeannette Walls style of writing and her life story deeply inspired me. Today I came across 5 things she “knows for sure” in the O Magazine and no. 5 JUMPED out! If you’re holding on to a secret, even if you don’t know you’re holding on to it and you think its past, you’ll know when you read these few lines. If it stirs something in you, get it out in the open, bring it to the light and see what happens!

To read all 5 Things Jeannette Walls knows for sure go to http://www.oprah.com/article/omagazine/200911-omag-jeannette-walls

I have a few hours left before I leave the comfort of my warm and cozy flat and head for dinner in Singapore and 6 weeks in Australia. A trip I’ve wanted to make a reality for YEARS.

reBlog from gothamgal.com: Gotham Gal

I found this fascinating quote today:

I went to see Invictus the other night with Josh and Fred.   The movie, set in 1985, is based on Nelson Mandela during the time he was the President of South Africa.   He believed that if the Springboks (their rugby team) could win the Rugby World Cup game which was going to be hosted in South Africa, the win would be a way to unite the country.   The movie is based on a true story.  FYI- Springbok is generally on every menu in South Africa and is the national animal of South Africa.gothamgal.com, Gotham Gal, Dec 2009

You should read the whole article.

Making Mistakes

Perhaps it’s my own desire to convince myself that all the mistakes I’m making will infact lead me where I need to go or it’s just this feeling I have deep inside me that just knows mistakes are right messages. regardless what’s motivating me to keep pushing on the making mistakes path, I wanted to share this short clip that might inspire you to keep trying, Micheal Eisner ex CEO Walt Disney & Paramount Studios

The Value of Confusion

Right now I’m confused, admitting this has been hard for me. My mind is always searching for a reason to peg the results on and move forward but right now in my life I know deep inside of myself that inorder for the changes I value to happen I am going to learn how to be comfortable with confusion. This is not to say I am not clear on some things – there is no doubt in my mind that I am working on projects that give my life meaning and allow me to live on purpose. The confusion comes in when I try to understand how it will all work out. Finally, I am begining to see that for new ways of being or knowing or feeling there has to be a time of confusion, of not knowing cause truth is, I dont know how this will unfold only that I know I must do it. Loved this article sent to me by Cate Le Barre from www.mountainviewlifecoaching.com

For anyone who’s confused and wants to put an end to that feeling, I hope this helps see that its ok to be confused, at least for a while………………..the value of confusion