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Searching for Angela Shelton

The tag line for this film is a quote by Anais Nin
“The story of one woman is no different than the story of one million women.”
Angela Shelton goes on a quest to ask fellow Angela Shelton’s around America who they are. What she finds is an amazingly high % were sexually abused in some way.
A 27min documentary talking about men surviving sexual abuse
To book a special screening and/or speaking event please contact:
Kirby Cobb [or via email at:
416 East 61st Terrace kirbycobb at gmail dot com]
Kansas City, MO 64110

I’ve not seen this movie yet, Michael Horn is sending me a copy.

The film is based on 5 women, courageously ending the cycle of shame, victimhood and despair.
For more information please contact Michael Horn at: movie at breakingthesilencemovie dot com


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