The Carbon Diaries 2017

I LOVE to read. These days I’m allowing myself to see what captures me and move on if I find myself saying, you ‘should’ read this…………

Found this fabulous article written by Vic Groskop on Saci Lloyd. I guess I really related to Lloyd when she described she had “done all sorts of things” before finding her niche as a teacher/writer/activist. The path covered being a cartoonist, touring the US in a band, working in advertising and then as a script editor. Each of these experiences taught her valuable lessons like “being in film taught me to trust my instincts and realise that if it’s not a big yes, it’s a no.”  Think I’ll be using that as my Mantra for 2010.

Overall what I loved most about Lloyd’s interview was that she says “My aim is to write big, rich stories about characters battling with reality”. How cool is that, who out there does’nt battle with reality as some point in their lives?

The article ends with this quote, “We have to vote on what matters. Not on ‘growth’. Everything else is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.” I’ll be following Saci Lloyd as she continues on her path!

Here’s the link to the full article The Teacher who turned down a Hollywood fortune you might find it interesting that she turned Jonny Depp down


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