Words and their POWER: Happy/Healthy 2010

It’s a new year – the perfect time for all of us to look at our own lives and make sure we’re living with honesty and conscious clarity. It may sound obvious to some of you but to me, so far, its not been as obvious as I’d like to think. In 2010 I’m going to continue reaching out to those few that are trustworthy and strong enough to hold me accountable, as well as not listen to my justifications, mostly cause Nothing Worthwhile, I don’t think, was ever built Solo. Admitting our secrets is scary but as I said in my previous blog entry Secrets are like Vampires “once they’re exposed to the light, there’s a moment of horror, of recognition, but then poof – they loose their power over you,”

Here’s to 2010 being the year that you said it as you feel it, and live it as you think it!

This blog is not only to share what I love or find interesting and inspiring but also helps me save, “forever”, articles I think I will want to refer back to. Also my hope for this blog is that it makes us think, or rethink something we thought for SURE we knew.

Words and their Power. About 5 years ago I started paying attention to my words and then seeing if my actions mirrored them. It did’nt take me long to realise how much I said and did not do, there began my journey into living as I was saying. This article made my heart sing, Word\’s and their power, Glenn Close\’s Aha! Moment

Glenn Close points out that there are unspeakable words, think about it. What are the words you don’t want to say? are they your dirty secrets? If  you read the article notice if you are smiling when she asks for what she wants in the bike shop, nothing like good clean honesty!

My words are Incest, Sexual abuse, Intimacy, Love. These words had power over me and often I had no idea they did. Like Glenn Close I know that if I really want to help, I will have to say these words fearlessly, out loud! and that’s terrifying but I’m learning that moving into my fear is a good thing. Slowly, one step at a time I will move closer to producing the documentary that speaks out about Incest, sexual abuse, Intimacy and Love! and as I take each step I’m going to keep asking myself if I’m surviving or thriving?


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