Melbourne CBD

They say “Melbourne is to Sydney what NYC is to LA” and so far I’d say that’s spot on! Had breakfast in a fantastic little cafe called Degraves espresso (23 DegraveSt.), so cool to have decorated cappuccino’s again. Highly recommend their organic muesli, fruit and yogurt, oh and soy milk, NOT a problem unlike my life in Estoril:-) I also got to read a very interesting article on a magazine in Beirut called “the body”. Sex and the city of Beirut As you can imagine Joumana Haddad has received a diverse responce to her project, I think this personal journey into her own body can help so many on so many levels. To me this little excerpt speak volumes…………”People often ask me why I still live in Beirut, why I have lived here through the war and why I have never written about it. I say, Why do you look for the knife? Look for the scars. The scars are this women who is writing this stuff, doing these things. The war has given me a great deal of power. To survive in a city like Beirut, in this world, you have to keep on fighting.” I wonder is that the answer I would get from friends still living in some parts of my own Country, South Africa?

Degrave Street Espresso

Across the street is TOFWD *the organic food and wine deli. Another little gem to check out if you ever find yourself in the hood. Interesting and unusual home made fare as well as chips and snacks.

TOFWD*the organic food and wine deli


2 thoughts on “Melbourne CBD

  1. Dear T, I have been reading the articles you have sent, enjoyed a lot, paticulary the interview from 1959, very interesting, still we haven’t learned yet how to be free. I wonder where is the answer and where do we get the power to change even a little bit, it will not be in my time for sure.
    Keep well and enjoy your visit to Australia, I will be waiting to read more, lots of love, deo

  2. Lovely to hear about your FABULOUS project and to hear about your life/inner life while in Australia. Happy New Year /decade! and may all the best be with you now and always… blessings, hugs.

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