The Value of Confusion

Right now I’m confused, admitting this has been hard for me. My mind is always searching for a reason to peg the results on and move forward but right now in my life I know deep inside of myself that inorder for the changes I value to happen I am going to learn how to be comfortable with confusion. This is not to say I am not clear on some things – there is no doubt in my mind that I am working on projects that give my life meaning and allow me to live on purpose. The confusion comes in when I try to understand how it will all work out. Finally, I am begining to see that for new ways of being or knowing or feeling there has to be a time of confusion, of not knowing cause truth is, I dont know how this will unfold only that I know I must do it. Loved this article sent to me by Cate Le Barre from

For anyone who’s confused and wants to put an end to that feeling, I hope this helps see that its ok to be confused, at least for a while………………..the value of confusion


2 thoughts on “The Value of Confusion

  1. Hello Tanya,

    What if it’s waaaaaaaaaay more then OK to be confused?
    What if it is an indication that we are (finally!) connecting to an inner (innermost?) propelling force?

    It is so in fashion these days to talk about enlightenment, creativity purpose, fulfillment… well what if behind the mythology of all these ideas hides something that is, and will forever be an unknown?

    What if confusion IS what happens when we connect with that? Wouldn’t that be waaaaaaay more then OK? More like a blessing?

    All Things Good

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