Dealing with the good stuff!

Some days I’m so happy I don’t actually know how to contain the feelings. Seriously no one tells you how to deal with the good emotions when you’re not used to them. It’s not like I’ve not been happy before, goodness knows I said out loud I think I was born happy but this is a whole new experience. Feeling sure inside myself that being on this path and searching for my purpose just feels right. It’s not clear what will be next and its not clear how I’ll make the things I believe in happen:-) but its clear as a bell that this feeling of joy that I have allot these days is helping me to confirm that I am on the right path. Funny how its wiered to just experience so much happiness and joy inside myself! Gratitude for all my life’s experiences and rock solid JOY at knowing in my heart how many amazing people I have in my life! Thanks Universe, you kind of encompass it all, including the people and places so I want to say thanks, its a joy!


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