Motivation = Drive, (You in the back seat or up front?)

I just read “Drive” Dan Pink’s ( new book focusing on what motivates us! It reminds me of two of my core value’s, watch what people do vs. what people say? (that’s including myself), then think about what makes them (me) tick/why?

I’ve achieved allot in my life and I’m only 39 years old, 4.5 years ago I jumped out of the corporate world, I knew I was not doing what I loved nor what came easily to me. My Motivation for achieving and doing what I did was driven by my need to survive not to thrive! The KEY was Motivation! If anyone out there feels like they keep achieving stuff and still feel empty this is your book! Short term motivation vs. long term satisfaction.

Dan highlights “the breach between what science knows and what business does”. If you like statistics based on research this book will flabbergast you at just how much we know to be true and how little of it we do?

It took me a long time to realise that I could question my reaction to something! That my reaction could stem from what I was taught vs. what I believe within me to be true? Dan highlights that the “profit-maximization principle” (the they control companies) IS being replaced by the “social-benefit principle” ( the we autonomy companies) and he provides endless researched evidence to back up his thinking.

I don’t know about you but now when I decide to do something I want to know who and what’s driving it! not to mention where its taking me?

If you have a deep-seated desire to direct your own life, to extend and expand your abilities. Living your life on purpose and believing in what you do, then “Drive” will guide as a reference to keep playing to your very own strengths!

For those of you that are not big readers (right brainers be aware) I’m hoping Dan comes up with one of those simple little reference books. Oh and I’d be super interested in hearing a discussion between Dan, Kathy Kolbe, Don Riso and Russ Hudson.

I’m reminded of Ken Robinson’s TED talk Do schools kill creativity? Perhaps we can have a lesson focused on what motivates our children, the “what do you LOVE to do” class?

Thank you Lydia Hirt for sending me a copy of this book, it is indeed a paradigm-shatter er!


what is it that motivates us?

This is amazing, I wrote this post 2009/10/06 and never posted it. Since then I posted another article on Dan Pink’s book a whole new mind and am about to comment on Drive his new book on non other than what motivates us. Amazing to me that I never posted these thoughts below then?

after years and years of the carrot and stick way of being I loved stumbling over this approach by Dan Pink. Interesting how science and life differ so much…………..I know for me purpose, autonomy, really learning how to listen and be with my right brain – these ways have taken me time to learn or perhaps I should say feel. I have no doubt in my mind that traditional rewards might work for a while but they will never offer me a long term solution.

Dealing with the good stuff!

Some days I’m so happy I don’t actually know how to contain the feelings. Seriously no one tells you how to deal with the good emotions when you’re not used to them. It’s not like I’ve not been happy before, goodness knows I said out loud I think I was born happy but this is a whole new experience. Feeling sure inside myself that being on this path and searching for my purpose just feels right. It’s not clear what will be next and its not clear how I’ll make the things I believe in happen:-) but its clear as a bell that this feeling of joy that I have allot these days is helping me to confirm that I am on the right path. Funny how its wiered to just experience so much happiness and joy inside myself! Gratitude for all my life’s experiences and rock solid JOY at knowing in my heart how many amazing people I have in my life! Thanks Universe, you kind of encompass it all, including the people and places so I want to say thanks, its a joy!

My shout out for GothamGal

Living in America and working on Wall Street showed me allot about giving back, it helped me understand more about the word charity and it opened my eyes to how its just simply a part of the US culture to “donate”. The next level to this way of being is what really fascinates me, why do it in the first place? what is the intention behind the giving and how can we give with meaning, with a purpose other than to feel good for writing a cheque! I loved this blog entry from who manages to articluate this aspect of giving in a short, direct blog entry. Hope it makes us all think & feel before writing that next cheque…………………………last-night-wasnt-my-night