keep listening

I was reminded today of something Jane Miner said to me a couple of months ago. “remember that the ego-mind is trying to protect you to keep you from choosing something new that it doesn’t know yet and thus can’t repeat.” This was a HUGE moment for me, enormous to realise and feel that in order to change some of the patterns I had already recognised I would feel lots of fear and sometimes lots of pain and that’s ok cause I was carving out a whole new way of being. It’s like walking in the bush without a path, you often get to see allot more animals off the track but you have to cut out the grass infront of you and go slowly so you dont miss anything. I’ve done this well in my external life but never realised the same priciples applied to my internal thoughts, feelings and even experiences. Always learning!

“the brain naturally filters the world to confirm what it already believes” what are your beliefs?


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