Watch and See

Chris Guillebeau had a FANTASTIC short and superbly sweet post today! Since I left my “secure” corporate job in 2005 allot of people have asked me over and over how I am managing?, how is it possible?, how am I surviving?, and also telling me I need to be careful, I need to plan and watch out, what if something happens. Goodness knows there are days that my own mind reminds me of these fears however…………all along I sing to myself inside, “watch and see” because I truly do believe that if you keep doing what you love and you keep true to yourself even through the mistakes it will turn around and work out and living from a place of internal Joy is non negociable once you feel it. “watch and see” to anyone making a change you deeply beleive in, keep reminding yourself and others if you need to…………..”watch and see” here’s the link×5/watch-and-see/ The link through to×5/how-to-be-awesome/ is also worth a read


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