it still amazes me, im thriving

tomorrow I host a workshop by one of the teachers that made the biggest difference to me and my yoga practice in nyc,! Every single day I’m haunted by the question “are you surviving or are you thriving?” every day I try to identify with either way, today its thriving, thanks Yogeswari – flyer1

I’m reminded of my life in NYC, of a time that feels like it belongs to someone else. I’ve also been able to share a part of my life in Portugal that has been deeply personal and oh wow how special is that. I’m truly blessed, truly amazed at the wonderful people that I’ve met in my life, so far……………………


One thought on “it still amazes me, im thriving

  1. Its wonderful to see in your facial expressions, how “you’re thriving”. YOGA has really opened up a new world to you and I am very pleased to see you fulfilled. Don’t loose sight of your direction. Keep going. Well done. I’m very proud. To a very special person, from another special person.

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