keep listening

I was reminded today of something Jane Miner said to me a couple of months ago. “remember that the ego-mind is trying to protect you to keep you from choosing something new that it doesn’t know yet and thus can’t repeat.” This was a HUGE moment for me, enormous to realise and feel that in order to change some of the patterns I had already recognised I would feel lots of fear and sometimes lots of pain and that’s ok cause I was carving out a whole new way of being. It’s like walking in the bush without a path, you often get to see allot more animals off the track but you have to cut out the grass infront of you and go slowly so you dont miss anything. I’ve done this well in my external life but never realised the same priciples applied to my internal thoughts, feelings and even experiences. Always learning!

“the brain naturally filters the world to confirm what it already believes” what are your beliefs?


“A whole new mind”

Dan Pink – Right Brain

I’m having one of those, I miss big book stores, moments right now. So badly just want to pop in and buy “a whole new mind”! Thanks Maureen Moore for pointing me to this video! You see, I’m naturally a right brain person, I know its hard to believe sometimes, especially when you get to know me and hear I spent 10 years in the financial/software world! But if the truth be told I knew deep down inside me most of my time in this world was playing catch up and often feeling like a fool. Secretly this probably felt ok to me then, I’d grown up trying to make things good with all, all the time, so this environment of struggle was just right. It’s not all bad though, I am super grateful for those years, that experience and the people I shared the rides with were an inspiration and almost always a challenge to understand, for someone like me that’s a great thing, Im always curious and this world was endlessly curious to me. Often I seemed to take so much longer than others to “get it”. Also, I would never have had the opportunity to structure so many spreadsheets, spend days trying to understand pricing software and endless, that’s endless amounts of brain power understanding what all the financial terms meant, I have a special memory around what are CDS’s? In some ways its a joy to know I wasn’t the only one not understanding what I was doing, only, what I’m way more grateful for is finding my way to living my life on my terms, letting my heart have a say every day.  Without that dominant left brain experience I’d not have found my way here, Thanks to Daniel Pink for articulating this way of being so well, I cant wait to read the book!

“My life is my message” – Gandhi

Life is Poetry

Today’s blog entry from jumped out at me. Love this message! Felt for so so so long how I wanted to have my life as my message but could’nt seem to figure it out. It took me a while, way longer than I had anticipated to slow down enough and start hearing my own voice, start understanding what it was that I loved, that I wanted to share and how I wanted to live my every day.  Thanks zenhabits this quote is a gem and a superbly simple daily reminder for me!

“I can’t beleive I forgot to have children”

“I can’t believe I forgot to have children” how’s that for a T-shirt Slogan? yesterday a special and dear friend, rock star Mother and amazing PR wiz ( sent me a superb story that touched her. It touched me too and got me thinking, feeling and focusing and wanting to share with all my single friends out there. Read, Enjoy, share and most of all know anything is possible you just got to want it bad enough:-)

A single mom falls in Love with

Watch and See

Chris Guillebeau had a FANTASTIC short and superbly sweet post today! Since I left my “secure” corporate job in 2005 allot of people have asked me over and over how I am managing?, how is it possible?, how am I surviving?, and also telling me I need to be careful, I need to plan and watch out, what if something happens. Goodness knows there are days that my own mind reminds me of these fears however…………all along I sing to myself inside, “watch and see” because I truly do believe that if you keep doing what you love and you keep true to yourself even through the mistakes it will turn around and work out and living from a place of internal Joy is non negociable once you feel it. “watch and see” to anyone making a change you deeply beleive in, keep reminding yourself and others if you need to…………..”watch and see” here’s the link×5/watch-and-see/ The link through to×5/how-to-be-awesome/ is also worth a read