Once again a big Thank you to, Joanna lead me to which I went to see today! The current exhibition, which sadly I think ends tomorrow is fantastic! It shows excerpts from disabled children’s books. Authors such as Jacqueline Wilson and Helen Thornhill (“Every kid is different”) I was very moved by the written dedication at the end titled”Children”,

“Every child and every generation of children, throughout history and across the globe represents the future. In many cultures the child is revered. Just as the elderly person or the mother is revered in other cultures.

But the child, naturally trusting and full of love, is also uniquely vulnerable. Vulbnerable to active, wilful cruelty and abuse by individuals. But also vulnerable to the passive neglect of individuals or entire societies, that do not love, cherish, protect and nuture their children, who are their future. We were our parents future.

Today, our children, across the globe, are our future.

They are our individual and collective responsibilities and none more so than the vulnerable, the abandoned, the sick, the hungary and the unloved.

The courageous, shining example of Captain Coram continues to illumitate the way forward, perhaps today more than ever before.”

I was reminded of my mother throughout the whole museum. She was 16 when she became pregnant with me. Her step farther, whom she lived with at the time, was running for mayor in the town I was born in called Durban. It hit home to me how tough it must have been for my mother as she was banished to a home so no one would find out that she was expecting a child at that young age and out of wedlock. But, the big thing that hit me today was that she was due to put me up for adoption. Even after I was born she did not see me because in those days, if you were giving your child up for adoption you signed the papers without seeing the child. Only, my mother could not do it, she was brave to keep me, to go against her parents demands (wishes…..) and I am so very very happy she did. My grandparents on my farthers side were waiting in the wings, always offering their support without pressure, just constant cushion for my mother to lean on. I felt enourmous gratitude to my mother and my grandparents today, it could very easily have been a very different situation.

I also discovered the oldest children’s charity in England their today super discovery too!

OH and special mention has to go to my very delicious lunch, thanks to – A simle but delicious arancini risotto ball with fresh salad, very yummy indeed!


3 thoughts on “Children

  1. Hello. I actually recently moved to Portugal from the US and a friend sent me a link to your blog. Where in Portugal are you? I’m living in Aveiro. It sounds like we have some similar interests. I’m here doing a PhD in Design. Anyway, I travel around quite a bit, so let me know if you ever want to grab a coffee. You can email me at And, I’m not a creep. I have a blog, if you want to make sure of it:


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