Thriving or Surviving?

It’s been one of those special, life working in sync with me days today! I had to come to London this week to check out my tenants. On Monday I read that was going to be in London at the same time and I thought wow I’d love to interview Joanne for my “are you surviving or are you thriving story” – within a few hours we were confirmed for today at 1pm. Got to the airport at 7am this morning only to be told that TAP was on strike, thanks to who ever it was that guided me to BA for this booking my flight was as smooth as butter melting on a non grease pan.

Joanne is a natural born Thriver! One of those people that you just want to spend time with. Her optimism and varied interests inspired me enormously. We covered survival tactics, optimism, non negociable points of life that we operate in survival mode. Turning points and how we operate at those turning points in our lives but most of all we Thrived.

What is it that makes you Thrive? how do you know when you are Surviving? is it a way of being that comes naturally to some? how do we pass it on or pass it forward? I’d love to hear your thoughts,


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