Inspired by Ken Robinson

Yet again I’m inspired by Ken Robinson. This time it’s all written, the strongly visually driven part of me struggled a little ONLY considering the changes I’m making right now, this just had to be a part of this blog:) I’ve included below a few of the statements that jumped out at me, the last question on finding our own elements is definitely worth a slow read! :))

One of the points I make in the TEDTalk, and that I make generally, is that the human mind is essentially created.
Perhaps it is just that I know I want to believe this is possible, NO, I know this is possible!

“…..I think it’s seeing connections rather than differences which is the heart, I believe, of human progress
My new mantra, Ken Robinson has ways of articulating thoughts for me. Super useful right now, thank you!

So, my argument is that instead of standardizing everything in schools we should be going in the opposite direction. I don’t think there’s a kid in America, or anywhere in the world, who gets out of bed in the morning wondering what they can do to raise their state’s reading standards. They get out of bed, if they’re motivated, by their own interests and their own development. So I think we should be doing the opposite. I think we should be personalizing everything in schools. We should be looking at ways of making education relevant to each individual child. And there’s no other way of improving standards. Actually, there’s no other way of doing it on the grand scale.

So many interesting ways/thoughts/ideas in this article. His daughter’s fashion design course really resonated, especially how we are NOT encouraged (on mass) to CREATE and DO THINGS. I wonder if we all started making stuff and making mistakes really early on would we start getting better and possibly make less and less wrong turns? As I learn that I can educate myself and I see all the possibilities available to me I can’t help but be inspired by this amazing time in which I live:)

There are things you can only really learn by getting up and doing them” OVERALL this is it! What ever it is you have been wishing, hoping, thinking of trying,   DO IT NOW!   TRY NOW!

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Yoga Journal Interview


I’m feeling it, it’s true what they say “Go on record with your new project, relationship, diet, exercise regimen, etc. Publicly declaring that you’re ready for the next chapter in your life not only adds the accountability factor but also invites others to cheer you on.” thanks Ariane at

Other than my school magazines I’ve never had anything in print globally before, WOW what a feeling. Thank you so much to those of you that have supported me along the way and continue to inspire me everyday! It feels so good to be authentic with myself!