Sometimes there is nothing you can do!

I went to meet a friend for lunch on the beach today. Decided to take Rafa with to introduce him to the surf teachers and friends I’ve made surfing………………………Rafa HATES the car, he starts watering at the mouth within 5 mins of the ride and does’nt seem to settle till we get to the destination. I was feeling really bad for him and as soon as we got to the beach I hoped out the car and let him loose! Saying hi to people I’d not seen in ages I never noticed that Rafa had run off to play with another little one…………………….BIG MISTAKE on my part. The child whom Rafa had decided was going to have some fun with him was TERRIFIED, absolutley out of his mind frightened (of a 3 month old lab) the faster he ran the more Rafa thought YAY a play mate. Within a few minutes I had got hold of Rafa and suddendly realised how the mother and farther were screaming at me. Litterally screaming, fortunately I understood about 1/3 of what they were saying but seriously you need not speak the language to read the body and hear the tone of a voice! I tried to apologies and both parents said no way thats not good enough. So I kept on apologising. No way thats not good enough. 10 mins later the farther had brought a security beach gaurd along to, well Im not sure what he wanted really. Only I slowly drove off, as he was writing down my registration. It still amazes me, what did he want me to do. I would probably have done anything to keep the noise down, his son did’nt have a scrath on him although I have no doubt he was absolutely terrified and perhaps suffered internal Fear anxiety. How do we handle these types of mistakes? How do we say sorry for something we did not intend but it did happen? My thinking on my way home and talking to the friend I had lunch with was man that is big fear. I can only imagine how at about 4 or 5 years old (not sure of the age of the son) if I was that scared of a 3 month old puppy and I saw my parents react like they did mmmmmmmmmm I wonder what message that would give me?