I love flowers

Edyta's Phalaenopsis

Edyta's Phalaenopsis

Thank you Edyta, I think of you each time I feel the effects of this orchids beauty!


Yoga with kids

On Saturday (June 6, 09)  I taught my first yoga class to 5 boys aged between 10-12. One of the fathers joined in and the Mom’s looked on as we all had fun seeing how our bodies could move and if we could actually stand in head stand. At the end of the class as the boys lay in shavasana, I asked them to travel inside their bodies and try to listen to what it was saying to them. One of the boys immediately, with closed eyes, started almost singing out loud, we love you Matthew, we love you Matthew, over and over again! My heart was already filled with joy and as I heard Matthew speak out loud such encouraging words to himself and the others, I also saw the other boys let him be who he is and lie their experiencing their own conversations too. What a special few moments, I am superbly honoured to be able to share yoga with so many fantastic souls!