Making big changes

Last night I made a deal with myself that I would write 1 post everyday – even if its sharing a quote on my blog. I hope to cultivate a habit of trying, practising and doing. Almost like a ritual, with it grounding effects and ability to keep identifying with what works for me and how i will define my life.
I was reminded this week to pay particular attention to keep listening, especially when fear and doubt come up. I’ve changed so many many of the external and internal “things” around and about me that I’ve found I need to keep reminding myself that my ego-mind is trying to protect me from choosing something new that it doesn’t know yet and thus can’t repeat. This is a biggie for me, if I want new things in my life, me and my mind are going to have to go real slow to identify which one is the authentic me vs the social me. I got really good at the social me so this is certainly a challenging game. Thank you Jane Miner for opening me to this valuable daily practise!:)