Mission Statement


I cant remember where i saw this but I wrote it down immediately and now cant find it on my google searches. If anyone knows please let me know! I remember thinking WOW what a novel way to see yourself, I’ve never thought it was important to have a mission statement of my own, even though I spent years thinking, creating and putting into practice mission statements for the companies I worked for! [The happiness project, I think this is thanks to you?]

1. I am an outstanding human being in every respect.

2. I am honest, kind, loving, loyal and true – to my family, friends and everyone who knows me.

3. I am positive, optimistic, confident, warm, friendly person who is admired and respected by everyone.

4. I am an excellent parent, a fine business owner and I do my work in an upstanding fashion everytime.

5. I uplift, encourage and inspire everyone I meet everywhere I go.

6. The possibility that I created for myself and my life is the possiblity of being someone who operates with the greatest good of all in mind, and the possibility of living in the present

THANK YOU to the person that made me see I want to create my own mission statement!


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