25 Random Things Feb 09

Just going to sit here and see what 25 things come to mind:)

1. I LOVE the ocean!
2. Learning to surf has been the most difficult and most rewarding sport I’ve taken up recently, oh maybe Golf runs a close 2nd, sailing soon so who knows where that’s going to fit in the pecking order.
3. I finally feel like I am Thriving, about 6 years ago I read an article that said “are you thriving or are you surviving” it almost jumped out at me and I had no idea for a long time what I was doing other than moving at the speed of light!
4. Portugal has been an amazing place to slow down, meet inspiring people and live IN nature!
5. Sharing stories, ideas, goals, passions all inspire me.
6. Connecting people also blows my hair back, ALLOT!
7. I’m often thankful for the life I had in SA, feel I learnt allot of valuable skills growing up on a farm!
8. Recently I became aware of how much horses helped me as a child and plan to learn more about how I can incorporate this element as another service.
9. The Month of March will be spent in the US, connecting with people that are inspired by their own lives! I’ve missed America more than I thought I would.
10. Making a documentary based on 10 people that were sexually abused by a family member and are thriving today is a dream I’m feeling come alive now:) and I have 4 people out of the 10 in mind!
11. I love cheese sandwiches on good bread!
12. Australia for Christmas this year.
13. I feel deeply blessed with the connections I have to my friends, some I’ve known a short time and some almost my whole life. Old school friends still ROCK my world!
14. Being creative is very important to my well being.
15. Riding my bike to Guincio and hanging out on that magical beach makes everything OK!
16. Hosting dinner parties and cooking – one of my favorite ways to spend time!
17. Fav. Quote of the moment: “It’s far better to follow your own path imperfectly than to follow another’s perfectly” – Bhagavad Gitta
18. OH and another:) “SMILE, BREATH and GO SLOW” – Zen Habits actually that’s one of my Mantra’s.
19. Living without music might just be impossible for me?
20. The smell of rain, especially in Africa moves me deep inside (thanks Mich for reminding me of this true pleasure)
21. Staying Authentic and awake, then not beating myself up when I don’t……………now that’s a consistent goal! The paradox’s of life fascinate me!
22. Playing with children makes me happy. Adopting a child is constantly on my mind as is adopting a dog:)
23. I’m attracted to forward thinking minds.
24. Yoga lead and continues to lead me to me. The fact that I can share it now, WOW.
25. My life is an adventure and its been FANTASTIC so far:)


Mission Statement


I cant remember where i saw this but I wrote it down immediately and now cant find it on my google searches. If anyone knows please let me know! I remember thinking WOW what a novel way to see yourself, I’ve never thought it was important to have a mission statement of my own, even though I spent years thinking, creating and putting into practice mission statements for the companies I worked for! [The happiness project, I think this is thanks to you?]

1. I am an outstanding human being in every respect.

2. I am honest, kind, loving, loyal and true – to my family, friends and everyone who knows me.

3. I am positive, optimistic, confident, warm, friendly person who is admired and respected by everyone.

4. I am an excellent parent, a fine business owner and I do my work in an upstanding fashion everytime.

5. I uplift, encourage and inspire everyone I meet everywhere I go.

6. The possibility that I created for myself and my life is the possiblity of being someone who operates with the greatest good of all in mind, and the possibility of living in the present

THANK YOU to the person that made me see I want to create my own mission statement!