Questions as I reflect on 2008

Q1: Best thing that happened to me in 2008?

A1: Many many things, learnt to surf, kept a promise to myself and stayed in Portugal for the full 1 year (and more). Get to really spend time with family. Discovered I could really teach yoga and enjoy it. Felt what it is to be the owner of my time and of me as a person.

Q2: What did I do this year that I’m really proud of?

A2: Learning to BE and FEEL at a very deep lever, the good the bad and the ugly:)

Q3: Who did I really help?

A3: Linda and Tom Roh

Q4: Who do I need to Thank and acknowledge for having been there for me?

A4: Anne especially during the first 6 months of my move to Portugal. Sue, Darleen, Fiona, Vovo and Pam

Q5: Top 3 lessons I learnt?

A5: 1. I can be myself 2. I can find out what I truly want? 3. I can be in pain and still know I’m a good person and it is all ok.

Q6: What increased my happeiness and joy this year?

A6: 1. Living with more sunshine, sea, natural beauty and open spaces 2. The new, interesting people I’ve met 3. Being true to myself 4. Sharing my life’s experiences and yoga – Sharing in General, it’s been a theme for me.

Q7: What’s something I got through that was really tough?

A7: My own feelings and stories and days of lonliness. The feelings of rejection and not being loved for who I am and what I want from this life.

Q8: What did I avoid that I must pay more attention to inĀ  2009?

A8: Money and my father

Q9: What character trait did I develop this year?

A9: Compassion and Love – for myself and others

Q10: What new people did I meet that are now in my life?

A10: Linda, Tom, Connie, Sue, Annett, Catia, Darleen, Luis, Fiona, Trish, Katie, Filipa, Maureen, Joao, Teca, Karen, Winike, Elaine, Samar, Eileen, Amy, Rita, Cleia, Wes, Pam, Edyta, Mira, Marco.


Reflecting on 2008

I found a word visual board made in Feb 08 and was so internally delighted to read and feel how far I’ve come! I achieved almost all of them and the ones that I’m still working on I feel certain I’ve made a huge difference in how I saw the phrase as I was writing it down in Feb 08! Listed below is what the word board lists……………it’s probably worth mentioning that my main goal was to live in Portugal for one full year and BE and this board was created in light of what Portugal had to offer me.

LIFE STYLE: Sunshine, Weather, Ocean, Waves, Sand, Trees, Views, Nature, Easy Pace

[Result: a far cry from my life in NYC and exactly what I was looking for and more]

FAMILY: Choose the friends carefully- ones that are close and meaningful, man, loving and balanced, funny and inspired in his life.

[Result: ok so the friends part I exceeded in, I made more and better friends than I had dreamed possible! man front was not as eventful, great summer relationship but turned out it was another long distance relationship and I want 90% reality and 10% fantasy……………….]

HOME: Old portuguese style mixed with new clean lines, open and friendly, inviting, entertaining, cooking, Investing – Dog my own Purdy.

[Result: Man Oh Man do I feel lucky to have found my flat and thanks to Sue for helping me put pen to paper and ask for what I wanted, yes the home front is exactly what I wanted, ok so the new clean lines are not yet there but the views and feel are spot on. Cooking lots and lots and Investing mmmmmmmm I invested in myself deeply. Dog, never got my own but dog sat for 2 friends and one of the dogs will be back next weekend]

JOB/INCOME: Creative Environment, Investing in my future, Building towards my future, Working with people, Managing my own time.

[Result: spot on for all of them, time with TM got me slap bang into a superbly creative team and environment all the jobs I took on helped me get closer to what I know now that I want = Teach Yoga, become a life Coach and give massages all allowing me to manage my own time]

PORTUGAL CAN OFFER ME: Time to know what it feels like just to BE, Time to feel sad and BE, Feel Happy and BE, Feel worthwhile for who I am and resolve my feelings of inadequacy with my family.

[Result: first 3 points above were definately tackeled, some days easier than others but overall superebly happy with being me. On the family front I began to realise the issues have more to do with me and the power I hand over to them. Im seeing now that I can be different and be loved by them]

Thank you so much to Sue and Ann in particular for helping me through those first few months when I thought there was no way I would make it to one year:) I am blessed to have you in my life!